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About Us

World Art Finder is a social networking Web site and global visual arts portal. It offers artists, art students, galleries, museums, nonprofits, and other art institutions and art professionals a mean to communicate with the world, the collectors, connect with one another, create groups of people with similar interests or ideas, sell works online, take advantage of third party vendors’ discounts such as art and life insurance (may not be readily available), art supplies, and more. World Art Finder is a world resource of services, products, and research information for anyone interested in the fine arts.


World Art Finder will feed art-related news from all corners of the world. The members of the Web site can used it to disseminate information such as press releases, resumes, art jobs, and more, giving the member complete control of their public relations and marketing efforts. Membership has its privileges; hence, members will enjoy special events or offers at discounted prices, and get invited to networking and sales opportunities.


World Art Finder will be a true world directory affording every artists, art students, galleries, museums, art schools, etc., the opportunity to participate in the global marketplace, and will contain all imaginable information for the art world to peruse. In essence, it is the one source to find what you want and connect with artists, collectors, and other art professionals.


Long-term plans call for market information on auction results, trends, and the like. Sophisticated market reports can be created for collectors, appraisers, and researchers to help in making buying and selling decisions. The key factor in making any long-term plans is to read the market and stay tuned to what our members and users want and need, paying special attention to their feedbacks and comments. Those clues, more than anything else, are what will guide out path to sustained growth and expansion.


Core Values

One of the core values of our company is a strong sense of social responsibility. It is a commitment to help artists, the communities we serve, and other less fortunate people. Therefore, World Art Finder may decide to establish a foundation and allocate 3-5% from its earnings to support art education, young and emerging artists in the developing world.