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        Art of the Caribbean has a long and diverse history.  The roots of Caribbean art can be found in the work of the Arawak people who inhabited the islands for thousands of years. This period was then followed by the waves of immigration from European artists, African artists and other countries around the world. Caribbean art reflects its multi-cultural origins and traditions as artists adapted these influences into their lives.

       Historically Caribbean artists have combined Spanish, African, French, Dutch and British artistic styles. There are periods and works embracing the European styles and at other times developing a distinctly Caribbean style.

        The earliest immigrants were the Taino people who occupied the land with the Arawaks since 2000 BC. Their work has been found in figurines, stone carvings and pottery dating from before European contact. Even with such  a dated history Caribbean art can be considered  modern art. With the exception of European artists there is hardly any evidence of local art on the islands prior to the 20th century.

        Caribbean art can be considered an uneasy mix of styles because of the many overlapping influences and its diversity. By the 1920’s as colonial ties slackened the Creole community encouraged and desired local themes. However some artists still maintained traditional figure and landscape painting. Others continued impressionist and post-impressionist styles for painting and art deco styles for sculpture.

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