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Scherezade Garcia (Dominican)

By CAW Magazine

Posted: November 9, 2009

Scherezade Garcia, Untitled

Scherezade Garcia,UntitiledCourtesy: The Artist

Scherezade Garcia photoScherezade Garcia is one of those rare and exceptional artists whose potential . Scherezade has been involved in the arts for as long as she can remember. Her drawings are her memories and visual interpretations of her surroundings. They represent the sounds and movements of daily life. Scherezade's work frequently evokes memories of faraway home, and the hopes and dreams that accompany planting roots in a new land. Her art inhabits a baroque universe of different worlds of aesthetics and politics. "It interests me to create allegories of history, power, love and politics," states Scherezade. She goes on to explain that, "My fascination with the duality of everything is an essential part of my discourse; in many cases the duality of salvation, questioning of paradise and the expectations of eternity."


Scherezade was born in the Dominican Republic in Oct 1966. As a very young child, Scherezade showed great promise as an artist, so her parents enrolled her in art school. She first studied at Altos de Chavon School of Design, La Romana, Dominican Republic. When she arrived in New York in 1986, she enrolled at Parsons School of Design, where she received her bachelors of arts degree. Scherezade was fortunate to study under two special and talented painters, Don Elias Delgado and Nidia Serra, who were very informative early in her career. She is now in her first year of her masters program at City College of New York with a focus on sculpture, and expects to complete her masters of fine arts degree in June 2011.


Anyone who sits down for a minute to talk with Scherezade will be drawn by her ceaseless energy, her passion for art, and enthusiasm to discard all things that limit or create barriers for people. Her imagination is far reaching and in constant flux, always racing to reach higher levels of creativity. Her inspiration comes from appropriating from and to transform historical events and geographical references, which she then merges into her work.


Scherezade is an internationally recognized artist with solo exhibitions in major art galleries and museums in the United States and the Caribbean. She also participated in several art biennials in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and Havana, Cuba. Her works are in the permanent collections of private and public collections around the world


Scherezade lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, William Vazquez--a successful New York photographer whose work has taken him around the globe--and her two daughters, Gabrielle and Montserrat.


For more information about Scherezade Garcia, you can visit her website at


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Scherezade Garcia (Dominican)

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